Meet the team

Padden Guy Murphy

Bozeman, MT

Padden was previously SVP of Communications & Public Affairs at REEF, Head of Global Public Policy & Social Impact at WeWork, Policy Partnerships at Lyft, and Business Development at Getaround. Padden is a Sr. Fellow at the National League of Cities, served on the board of Bunker Labs, and co-hosted of The Mayors Podcast with Richard Florida.

Will Castleberry

Washington D.C.

Will was Facebook’s Vice President of State Policy and Community Engagement for 10 years, and was AOL’s Vice President of State Policy for 7. Before entering the private sector, he served as the State of Maryland’s Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy and headed its Office of Global Investment & Technology.

Megan Capiak

Saint Joseph, MI

Prior to Foundry Ten, Megan founded Onward Strategies, a public affairs advisory firm. Previously, she was Chief of Staff at Invariant, was an early global policy team hire at Salesforce, and led communications in several states at Uber. She began her career on Capitol Hill and is a graduate of Michigan State University.

Corey Owens

Bend, OR

Corey has served as Chief Communications Officer at Metropolis Technologies, Head of Global Public Policy and Americas Communications at WeWork, and Head of Global Public Policy at Uber. Earlier in his career, Corey stood up the State and Local Public Policy function at Facebook, and served on the policy and communications teams at UFCW and the ACL

Mason Harrison

San Francisco, CA

Mason has served as Head of Global Communications and Public Affairs for REEF Technology, Sonder, Crowdpac and as a senior spokesperson or advisor for Mitt Romney, John McCain, Carly Fiorina, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a co-chair of Govern for California and resides in San Francisco.

Katrina Perez

Miami, FL

Katrina was previously Vice President at Quinn PR where she co-led the Miami office. Katrina helped build the firm's South Florida and Caribbean portfolio, managing media relations and strategy for its luxury real estate, hospitality, design and technology divisions. Katrina was previously with MGS Communications and Harrison & Shriftman PR.

Dunia Simunovic

New York City, NY

Dunia is founder of Halfmoon, a real estate strategy and operations advisory firm. Previously, she focused on revenue and real estate data strategy at WeWork, was the founding COO of New Lab, a center for frontier tech and entrepreneurs in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and focused on ground up residential financing and vertical construction supply chain.

Casey Sinnwell

New York City, NY

Casey has led strategy for key multi-million dollar social impact initiatives for Google and WeWork, where he oversaw regulatory and policy engagement, go-to-market strategy, global brand awareness campaigns and operations. Prior to the private sector he was an advisor to two governors, a senator, mayoral candidates, and a presidential campaign.